The Minecraft Tournament for Smaller Creators


StrikeTV Champions, or STVC, is a Minecraft tournament designed for smaller creators to be discovered and to show off their skills in several minigames. Creators are put into 6 teams, and throughout each game, earn Emeralds and carry their team to the Final Games.
Created by Strike, STVC is designed to take after MCC with an approach to smaller creators and influencers around the Minecraft community.


the teams

THE games

  • King of the Hill

  • Parkour PVP

  • Godbridgers

  • Extreme Spleef (But Not Extreme)

  • The Ultimate Boat Race

  • Animal Roundup

  • Hold the Fort

The Final games

After all the games listed above, the top 2 teams are brought into the Final Games-- a trilogy of challenges truly testing the teams to their limits. The first team to win two of the games wins StrikeTV Champions.

Game 1
The Labyrinth

Game 2
Four Square

Game 3
The Finale


Think you can take on the challenges of STVC? You can apply!
Click right here to go to the application form.

Remember, not everyone gets in! To maximize your chances of getting in, you can create an application video. You can also join the StrikeTV Discord, available here.